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Plan B Design & Fabrication is dedicated to producing quality workmanship and specialty products with our superior welding services.   We weld everything from stainless steel to carbon steel, aluminum and some exotic alloys.  In addition we provide both commercial and residential services.  No job is too big or too small. 

As a turnkey shop we do it all and can take any job from concept to completion.  Whether it’s machining, cutting, welding or painting we’ve got you covered.  We offer a one year guarantee .

Some of the more common welding procedures we utilize include:

• Stick (SMAW)
• Flux Core
• Brazing
• Soldering
• Hard Surfacing
• Carbide Overlay

There are basically 2 types of welding services we offer - New work and Rework.  With Rework our process is very simple:

  1. Our owner will evaluate the situation
  2. Explain the multiple options we offer
  3. Get to work.

If the process calls for new work here’s what we do:

  1. Develop the job requirements
  2. We start by using plasma table, shear and/or saw to cut material to size
  3. If it needs to be formed it will go into break.
  4. It will then go to be fitted and welded.
  5. After it’s finished we’ll provide industrial coating if desired

Before you hire a welder it’s important they give you a weld test to make sure structure is sound and aesthetically pleasing.  Call us today for all your welding needs.

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