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Specialty Work


We can get creative with the things we do!  We manufacture complete machine assemblies for every industry, whether it is their design or ours.  Many of our jobs begin with maintenance engineers or plant managers waving their arms around with an issue they need solved.  We work hard to understand the problem, design and build solutions on time and on budget.   Materials often involve: 

• Composites
• Stainless Steel
• Alloy
• Abrasive Resistant Plates
• Carbide Overlay
• Process Equipment requiring Mesh or Perforated materials

We pour urethane foam for flotation weldments and a Binks spraybooth for custom painting and industrial coating applications.  Powder coats, sand blasting, and hot dip galvanizing are all part of what Plan B can offer.

Custom Decorative Firepit
Newly created Pump Stands
Pump Stands
Newly created stainless mixers
The Patented and Impressive T Rex
Pig Cooker

Everyone Needs a Plan B

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